Our Brands

We at Inside Consumer Brands are as interested in reducing the cost of living as you are.  Southern Sales and Marketing Group, Inc. (SSMG), has been in business since 2006, manufacturing and marketing vitamins and supplements to retail pharmacy chains, hospitals, and HMOs.  In 2019 we began selling these same high-quality products to consumers via the internet at significantly discounted prices in three major categories.


    AKIN personal care products

    Akin is our inflation fighter, fine products at family friendly prices.

      This value line includes twelve products featuring a range of healthcare OTC brands and topical health products that are made in the USA.  You'll like our pricing, and our quality. 


        INSIDE Vitamins and Supplements

          Inside Brands products are in key vitamin/supplement categories.

          12 everyday high-volume products at incredible discounts, featuring the most requested vitamins and supplements on the market today. You can buy more because of our long lasting shelf life.


            ICE QUAKE Topical Analgesics

            Ice Quake products are topical analgesics for muscular aches and pains presented in a variety of strengths and delivery systems.

            Ten products for the relief of muscular aches or pains, and available at a lower price than the vast majority of our competitors.  Check out our FREE PRODUCT offer.